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We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, ministers, and community members who are passionate about public education and committed to economic justice and racial equity. We know and are committed to anti-racism practices and the daily work they require. Many of us attended public schools, have children in public schools, or have children who were educated in public schools. We believe in the fundamental mission of our public education system as a great equalizer and facilitator of civic participation.




During the pandemic, when in-person learning may not be possible at many schools and in many school districts, we will create and help others create reliable spaces where K - 12 students who otherwise would not have the benefits of necessities such as quiet space, internet access, and nutritious meals, can go to complete their school work. Even just one or two afternoons a week will have an exponential impact. We are intentional about targeting our efforts towards students who would otherwise go without. 




We will build a portable model that individuals and organizations can use to establish learning pods where students feel safe, supported, nurtured, nourished, and ready and able to learn. 

Won't you join us and help students in your community?
How Can I Help?
Start Your Own Pod!

We know there are so many people out there that could use some help making distance learning work. And we know there are many people who want to help. Even one or two afternoon sessions a week could impact a student - and their entire family. Think about the spaces in your community: once bustling and busy, now empty. How can you transform those spaces to help? Churches, Rec Centers, Libraries... How are YOU connected to your community? Reach out to your personal connections and think "how can I help?" The Pod Project resource gives you the roadmap: a guide of key ideas, questions, and considerations to help you set up a Learning Pod in your community in the most effective and easy-to-launch way. 

How Can I Help?
Support A Pod!

Addressing all the issues related to school resources in Covid times is definitely a puzzle. Sometimes it's impossible to see the patterns, or where you fit in. And solving the whole thing just seems too overwhelming. But puzzle pieces come in all shapes and sizes, and yours is just as important as any other part. Maybe you can't organize a Pod - but you can help a Pod! In our links sections we have listed non-profit organizations who are hosting Learning Pods. You can donate money, donate time, donate learning supplies, make masks, plan easy sack lunches, collect coats, send books for a library... the needs are endless, but if everyone puts their puzzle piece on the table, we can collectively put together an amazing picture.

How Can I Help?
Steal This Idea!

So you don't have the bandwith to organize a Pod yourself? You can still help! Spread the word about the Pod Project. Email this resource to your Pastor, to your library, to your gym. Put it up on social media (even if you're not really on social media). Help let people know that there are resources to make setting a Learning Pod effective and easy. 

Who we are on:

Facebook: thepodproject

Twitter: @thepodproject2020

Instagram: #thepodproject2020

Or just email this website to someone in your world. If all of us take even just a small action, we can make a big impact.

How Can I Help?
Raise Your Voice!

One reason we need a grass-roots effort is that the public schools simply do not have the resources they need to address this crisis. As a society, schools have become necessary not just for education, but also for providing necessary resources to students who might otherwise go without: healthy food, a safe place, clothing, emotional support, medical needs. This dependence has left our schools stretched beyond their capacity even in the best of times. Today, the need for additional funding for public education is even more imperative. Call or write your elected officials! Demand that they take action to ensure our schools are able to survive this crisis, as well as ones that may arise in the future. 

Other Resources
CDC Covid-19 Guidelines Relating to Schools and Child Care

Updated July 24, 2020

This guidance will help child care programs, schools, and their partners understand how to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 within child care and school communities and facilities. It also aims to help child care programs, schools, and partners react quickly should a case be identified. The guidance includes considerations to help administrators plan for the continuity of teaching and learning if there is community spread of COVID-19.

Finding The Child Care Requirements For 
Your State

Most states allow some child care providers to be exempt from child care licensing laws. Often these providers are relatives of the children they care for, care for a very small number of children, or operate only a few hours a day. 

Additionally, some states have issued waivers or authorized temporary flexibility and leniency during this time. 

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