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Our mission is to support the public school system and facilitate distance learning through existing resources. We will not include or recommend any-fee based services.

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I offer tutoring, teaching, or curriculum for a fee. Will you add my link to your page?

The Pod Project model is intended to work with, and facilitate, the distance learning from your local public school system. Pod Hosts using this model will not provide instruction, nor will they be responsible for hiring professional educators or tutors. The project is designed to provide a safe venue with WiFi and some other resources to assist students with distance learning.

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Does this Model Provide Instruction?

The Centers for Disease Control have the most up to date information regarding Covid-19 safety protocols for schools and other facilities. Our model includes safety protocols such as masks, hand sanitizer, physical distancing, and more. Protocols will also depend on a particular location. 

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What Safety Protocols Do You Recommend?
Is this legal advice?



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The website has comprehensive information about whether a group of unrelated children is considered child care for the purposes of licensing requirements. It also includes information abut some states allowing flexibility and leniency during the emergency, in some cases waiving certain requirements. And many of the venues we are suggesting you look to already have licensing in place. 

What About Child Care Regulations?

The Pod Project does not accept donations. Persons wishing to support a Pod using this model should look to the links page for a list of Pods they may contribute to directly. Additional links to organizations supporting the public school system's distance learning programs are also provided in the links page.

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Can I Send A Donation?
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